15 Experts Reveal How 7-Figure Stores Can Maximize Revenue This BFCM Weekend

DTC brands need a savvier strategy for a successful and profitable BFCM Weekend.So we reached out to more than a dozen ecommerce experts to get their pro tips to maximize revenue on Black Friday.1. Raise the stakes with your offersA deep discount can hurt margins—particularly on small orders. Instead, try tiered discounts that reward shoppers for spending more.EXPERT INSIGHT:Ethan Denney“The best way for DTC brands to maximize the revenue per shopper during BFCM is to increase AOV by raising the stakes for every shopper.How do they raise the stakes?

Raise the stakes with your offers

By increasing the reward, as well as the risk of loss, as people shop their products. The more the customer shops, the sweeter the Phone Number List deal they get. But if they don’t buy now, they’ll miss the biggest deal of the year.For example, instead of promoting a flat discount across all of their products, they could promote a tiered discount offer. The more a shopper spends, the bigger the discount they get.This can be promoted like “Get up to 70% percent off during Black Friday,” and the shopper would unlock different discounts based on their spending tier reached:20% off purchases of $50+50% off purchases of $125+70% off purchases of $200.

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The more time you have to start planning

This allows the brand to engage the KOB Directory shopper with an upsell funnel using targeted messages, popups, and sticky bars that help shoppers upgrade from one tier to the next. Each popup can display how much more a shopper needs to spend to unlock the next big discount, and can also display recommended products based on their current cart, that will help the visitor pass the  spend needed to secure the bigger discount. Beyond this, brands can even play with strategies like creating urgency, scarcity, and exclusivity around the products they promote to help the shopper act now vs later. This can look like unlocking discounts on specific products with limited supply once a shopper reaches a discount tier, or access to an exclusive discount tier or offer because they are VIP customers or purchased a specific product in the past.”

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