Analytics And Recommendations

Firstly, this is the only project in the CIS that specializes in the selection and evaluation of only financial specialists and managers. Secondly, tests are designe with an emphasis on solving cases and problems, which allows you to accurately determine the level of development of a particular skill. But testing is only a small part of the service functionality. The task of the project team is to create a platform for HR, T&D, recruiters and recruiting agencies where they can comfortably search, interview and evaluate financial specialists.

Finassessment Tools And Opportunities

For HR, HRD, T&D Online tests for assessing hard and soft skills – testing the professional skills and personal qualities of specialists. base on test results. A visual demonstration of the level of knowlege of individual specialists and tips for Armenia WhatsApp Number List further actions. It is possible to compare test results by group. For recruiters and agencies Database of resumes of proven professionals with proven skills, using service tests. Possibility to publish vacancies. Checking applicants at the interview stage.

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Proctoring  Passing Tests Under

The full control of service administrators monitoring the testee and his computer screen. Matrix of professional skills. Selection of tests relevant to the position of a specialist. Video interviews – communication between the employer and the KOB Directory candidate at a convenient time in any place. Ability to review recordings of interviews. Video resumes of candidates – short presentation videos from specialist applicants. All the forces of the company are now concentrate on the development of the functionality of the service.

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