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A If you are an HRD, HRM or T&D specialist who is tire of the same type of industry conferences stuffe with formulaic things, “dry” reports and unsubstantiate conclusions, then you nee to set aside November 28 and 29 on your calendar and plan nothing for these 2 days! “HR Digital Revolution 2017 a digital revolution in personnel management” is exactly the theme of the international online conference, organize by our Finassessment service and the eTutorium webinar platform. free master class We recommend watching a free master class Finassessment for HR.

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Why participate in HDR 2017? Be among the first to learn the whole truth about. How HR management is changing in the era of digitalization. Hear real cases from HRD and HRM, who manage to improve the quality of recruitment. Development Canada WhatsApp Number List and personnel management through the introduction of HRtech services and eLearning technologies. Get to the exclusive fair of HR-Tech products and services. Gain a solid understanding of how technology can help simplify and automate HR processes in your company.

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What awaits the participants 1 day. Trends & Digital Solutions Let’s take a look at the most interesting topics of the era of digitalization. Let’s talk about new solutions and technologies for human resource management and HR process automation. And these topics will be covere by specialists in the development and implementation KOB Directory of digital solutions in the work of companies. Day 2 Fair of hr-tech products and services you will have a unique opportunity not only to get acquainte, but also personally evaluate technologies that help solve the problems.

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