Automotive industry goes mobile

Mobile devices have reshaped the way we stay in touch with friends and family as well as how we browse the web, but smartphones and tablets are also revamping certain industries, particularly the automotive trade. From changing the way individuals shop for cars to how marketers reach those looking to buy, high-tech gadgets have made a huge impact on this business.

Automobiles will soon become a seamless part Automotive industry goes of the consumer mobile experience. Actually it will enhance the experience. When your dash becomes a seamlessly connected screen, it truly becomes a more important, integrated part of your life,” said brendon kraham, google director of global mobile sales and product strategy, according to the vancouver sun.

With the entrance of mobile technology to the masses

They are looking to reviews and websites in order to find the right vehicle for them. Because so many manufacturers claim to have “Best in class” features, making Automotive industry goes an informed decision on which automobile to telephone list purchase is certainly not as easy as it used to be.

Ford and lincoln global marketing executive vice president jim farley recently told the canadian publication that mobile devices can be used to give individuals more relevant information. Those facts can be then shared with other consumers who are also in the market for a new vehicle. This will better the shopping experience.

If you work in the automotive industry

It’s important to realize the impressive effect that mobile devices are having on consumers. To capitalize on this trend, consider working with a targeted online advertising firm. These companies can help you create effective digital marketing KOB Directory campaigns Automotive industry goes that include pay-per-click banners and click-to-play videos.
Key media solutions is an agency that helps create, launch and execute successful marketing campaigns. We assist our clients with display and video advertising and search marketing. Our company recently added a mobile solution to our available list of services, which allows our experts to integrate all of your online campaigns onto devices like smartphones and tablets. This means that we are even able to run banner ads in internet browsers, like google, and apps. What’s the end result? Your business will get maximum exposure.

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