Best Practices For Upgrading Existing Items

Kick off your promotion by providing great discounts, joining flash sales , or by offering free shipping. You can increase your engagement by creating follower vouchers and encouraging customers to follow first to activate the voucher. This way you can increase your followers.

If you want to learn more about how to promote

and increase your engagement, read Split Dragon’s blog on Lazada Tutorials.

Save power
It refers to the type of quality service you offer customers. One of the main determinants of the strength of the Store is your response rate. It’s important to note that response rates are measured 24/7, even on holidays. You can read more about Lazada’s response rate here.

It also checks your store ratings and customer reviews. Adding some freebies and even a simple note can motivate your customers to leave positive reviews In any competition, nothing is good if you database don’t do it. Study what they did right and learn from their mistakes. Split Dragon also comes with a Competition Tracking tool to monitor all your competitors’ products and notify you whenever there is a change from your competitors, including pricing so you can stay competitive.

Relying solely on search results limits your product’s visibility. By filling in the Key Attributes, your product will be recommended to various types of customers.

Use the Bulk Edit Function
This is a template for bulk upgrading your product. If you have too many products, it is easier, faster and more convenient to use this function than editing one by one.

How to use the Bulk Edit function


On the Growth Assortment page, go to it
Click near filter and search
Download the template according to your product category
Open the downloaded file and fill in the template, then click
Click , then click to upload the file
Wait a few minutes for it to work.
By integrating Lazada features and the KOB Directory Split Dragons tool, there’s no doubt that your product—even a newly listed one—will get more traffic than you’ve ever seen before.

For other tips and ways from Lazada, you can read our blog here . If you want to know about earning more using our tools, you can contact us here .

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