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It looks like consumers within the united states are in more. Of a hurry to buy on their mobile device than those living in the united kingdom. A survey conducted by nielsen, a consumer media research corporation, concluded. That men and Big Focus Mobile women in this european country place more of an emphasis. On getting to know and understand products before they purchase them. The results were announced by xad, mobile-local. Ad network, and telmetrics, a leading mobile call measurement. Provider, in an april 10 press release.

However just because Residents take longer

To make a decision doesn’t mean that they didn’t end up handing over their credit card. Just over 55 percent of participants said they bought the item they were interested in. Forty percent said it took them a day to make a purchase and another 35 percent revealed it could take them up to a month to pull the trigger. Interestingly, smartphone users demonstrated they were quicker to buy than those who used a tablet.

Consumers in the u.K. Also used their mobile devices to look up the location of a business, especially those in the restaurant and automotive phone lists Big Focus Mobile industry. In fact, 58 percent utilized their devices for this purpose when they were not at home.

”while two-thirds of mobile searchers don’t have a specific brand in mind, they do cite the importance of local relevancy. Advertisers that include local cues such as location info and phone numbers in their ads can positively influence mobile purchase decisions,” said telemetrics president bill dinan.

Companies should take advantage of this trend by working

With a small business internet marketing firm. Key media solutions can target an intended audience by creating click to call and location-based ads that will appear at the bottom of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.
Thanks to our mobile solution, we’ll have access to the latest ad serving, campaign management tools and web analytics. That means KOB Directory we’ll Big Focus Mobile help you reach your desired audience. For example, if you own a store and want to target women in the area, we can publish ads for your retail outfit that will appear on their gadgets. The ability to do this is known as geotargeting, and it’s more helpful than you probably think. In fact, studies have shown that 30 percent of respondents use their mobile device to look up information including coupons, promotions and other great deals near them.

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