Care Dates Are An Important Point For This Specialist

At the same time, the prospect of getting into your ranks employees who combine knowlege, skills and abilities in the most optimal way, those very Soft skills or Hard skills, is very inspiring and makes it possible to bring the company to the industry leaders! According to the Swiss psychologist and philosopher Jean Piaget, knowlege is not just a copy of reality, but the result of its structuring carrie out by man. Depending on the specialty and position, the combination of these very knowlege, skills and abilities Hard skills and Soft skills are in different proportions and configurations.

Interestingly, Most Applicants

Of the difference between skills and personal qualities. Most likely, they do not realize that this can be a decisive moment in the process of proving their value to the employer even at Spain WhatsApp Number List the stage of selecting a resume. For example A recruiter is actively looking for a chief accountant. In modern economic conditions, the chief accountant is an indispensable specialist, whose professional knowlege and competencies determine the financial stability and even the business reputation of the enterprise.

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Do Not Emphasize Or Are Not Aware

But what, first of all, should you pay attention to when selecting resumes of candidates for this position Most likely, what kind of experience the applicant has in a particular industry, how many years he has worke as a chief accountant, how often he change jobs and on what dates. For example, if the KOB Directory chief accountant left the company in January, on the eve of the annual report, then this is a very serious signal for the employer! You can also analyze the style of the resume and the presentation of biographical material. And, relying on intuition, invite for an interview. T

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