Co-citations are Critical for Business SEO

Co-citations are Critical, For a long time, it was standard practice as part of any good SEO strategy to seek out links on other websites to your own. The ideal link was one where the text of the link included great keywords that related to your site and business. This use of keywords in link building is referred to as Anchor Text and was a very effective means for improving your site ranking in Google. That is. Until the famous Penguin update of 2012. Google realized that it was becoming easy for businesses to purchase or create links on other websites.

Co-citations are Critical A more accurate label

Co-citations are Critical, They may be said to be related to one another. Even though they don’t directly reference each other. If A and B are both cited by many other items. They have a stronger relationship. The more items they are cited by. The Middle East Mobile Number List stronger their relationship is. While accurate. That definition takes a bit to digest so let’s break it down a bit. When we are talking about a simple citation on the Internet. We are referring to a link. That link might exist on another website or, more often now. Within a social network like Google+. Now. The term co-citation is originally from Bibliometrics and refers to a source talking about two other sources.

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Affect Search Engine Ranking

That were heavy with keyword text. They were able to adjust their ranking algorithm to better analyze the nature of the link and determine if the text was natural or not. As a result, many sites suffered dramatic drops in Cambodia Phone Number List rankings as all their paid links suddenly became worthless. Instead, Google began to look at the source of the link and in turn, the context of the links. This has evolved into what’s being called co-citation. What is Co-Citation? According to, co-citation is defined as: A popular similarity measure used to establish a subject similarity between two items. If A and B are both cited by C.

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