Droppe Frames Hiring Good Specialists

Therefore, personnel officers began to approach the matter radically if it turns out that a candidate came to an interview with a voice recorder, then he immeiately gets a refusal. If the applicant does not trust the company from the very beginning, then this is more frightening than attempts to deceive. Misse deadlines Russian HR, like their American colleagues, are afraid of not completing the project on time. Top managers often treat the HR department with disdain or do not try to understand the specifics of its work.

Therefore Deadlines

Despite the fact that the number of applicants has increase significantly due to the crisis, finding the right specialist is not so easy. The HR director of a furniture company Germany WhatsApp Number List says that not everyone agrees to work on our terms. The crisis is no longer so feare, they no longer grab any job that comes across, so salary expectations are increasingly exceeing the possibilities and offers of companies. during the crisis, the personnel officers of small organizations are worrie will this employee leave when large companies restore recruitment after the crisis.

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Work Plans Are Often Tightene Unreasonably

After all, most likely, he considers their company as a temporary shelter. There is always a risk that an employee will find a new job or return to the old company. Faile certification Many KOB Directory people are more afraid of appraisal of employees than the employees themselves. Sergey Kanin, a DeTech consultant, says that every HR manager knows the horror story that the employees of one company disagree with the results of the assessment, and the company’s leaders sacrifice the HR manager who was in charge of the project.

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