From Shinagawa or Ueno Stations in Tokyo

The best gardens in Kyoto The Katsura Imperial Villa is a promenade garden built for the relaxation and entertainment of high-ranking officials during the Edo period . If you want to visit it you will have to book your visit in advance.

How to get there : The garden is about a 15-minute walk from Katsura Station, which you can get to by taking the Hankyu Kyoto Line.

The Kokedera or Moss Temple is so called because in this garden

You can find more than 120 types of moss. It is Whatsapp Mobile Number List considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO . Originally, it was part of a palace before becoming a temple, more than 1,000 years ago.

Reservations Must Be Made by Regular Mail by Sending a Request Postcard and Visitors Must Participate or at Least Try to in Buddhist. Chanting and Traditional Writing Practice. Before Touring the Garden.

How to Get There : From Kyoto. Take the Karasuma Line to Shijo Station. Then the Hankyu Line to. Katsura Station, and Finally the Hankyu Arashiyama Line to Matsuo Taisha Station.

The garden is a 20-minute walk away.

Ryoan-Ji Temple is the site of the most famous rock garden in all of Japan. It is a Zen temple since 1450, but the origin and meaning of the garden remain a mystery.

Ideas about what this meditative garden represents are varied

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Some believe that the stones symbolize islands , others that they KOB Directory represent a tiger that crosses the water carrying them and others, simply that they are an abstract concept of infinity.

How to get there : Use your JR Pass to travel to Kyoto Station . From here you have JR buses that will bring you to the temple in 30 minutes.

A few hours from Kyoto you can also visit the gardens surrounding the Adachi Museum of Art . This garden has been winning the Japanese press award for the best garden every year since 2003.

How to get there : From Kyoto take the JR Shinkansen Tok

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