Graduation of the course “Programming in PHP”

I have had ideas about doing mentoring for a long time, but, probably due to laziness. I did not take any actual steps to implement them. Maybe all this would have remained in my mind if the girls from Avivi Academy had not approached me last fall and offered to read the course. Graduation of the course At first I was a little confused by the offer. I? Read a course? Oh no. But after thinking a little, I still agreed. As the basis of the curriculum, I used the course developed by Roman Slobodenyuk, who at that time was already studying a similar course at the Academy.In my opinion, this approach reduces the kind of “fear” of writing code and gives students the opportunity to run the example themselves during the lecture and immediately deal with practical nuances and problems.

The next milestone was mastering programming paradigm.

I must admit that not all students succeeded Graduation of the course at this stage at once. First of all, to successfully Phone Number List pass this part of the training.  it was necessary to develop abstract thinking skills. This stage also had its difficulties for me. In parallel with the consideration of OOP principles. we couldn’t help but mention composer — the de facto standard for the ecosystem in the world of PHP development. In addition, we considered the git version control system, which is also considered a must-have in modern development. Students set up github profiles and created their first repositories. I hope that one of them will continue their activity there after studying and become another member of the world open source community.

The final point in the curriculum was an overview of the Laravel web framework.

 The choice of the framework, I had Graduation of the course certain doubts, I considered several options. Among them were Symfony (which I did show the students, but only as part of a brief overview) and Yii, which was a direct competitor to Laravel.  After learning the basics of Laravel, students began their work on course projects. They were pleasantly surprised by the convenience and speed of development based on the framework, since many things that KOB Directory they previously had to implement independently and manually were already done for them here. I think that at this moment the students really felt the full power of software engineering

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