He Also Has The Right To Appeal The Results

Centers for assessing the qualifications of accountants and auditors In the CSC, specialists. Who apply to them are offere to take an exam. This exam is paid, the frequency of its conduct depends on the spee of the group recruitment. It includes theoretical and practical tasks that are designe to determine. The qualification level of a specialist and his compliance with the position held. Upon successful completion of the exam, the specialist receives. A certificate of professional qualification. If the employee does not pass the exam, he is given a conclusion with recommendations. Through the appeal commission. An independent assessment of the qualifications. Of accountants can be carrie out in the Finance and CSC service.

Who Are Require To Check

Confirm the compliance of qualifications with the requirements. Of a professional standard. How to find such evaluation centers and which accountants nee to be assesse “There is a special Register of Qualifications Assessment Centers for the Russian Feeration , where every accountant and auditor Anguilla Email List can choose a suitable organization and apply for a specialize exam with the subsequent issuance of a certificate.” This registry is available on the Internet, it is fille with active links to relevant organizations, contains their addresses, a list of require documents.

The Latter Is Suitable For Specialists

An algorithm for registering for exams and other necessary relate information. Specialists from other countries who do not nee confirmation of competencies from official organizations KOB Directory can receive it in combination with a detaile analysis of the results when passing online testing in the Financescessment service or any other suitable service. Who else nees to be assesse This data can be an excellent argument for the employer during personnel rotations or when deciding whether to hire a candidate for a job.

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