High Bounce Ratehere are the most frequent causes and how to reduce it

Covid-19 has highlighted the difficulties of many Italian companies, especially those located in Central and Southern Italy. Here is the data, a useful starting point for SMEs Published May 17, 2021 Alt text Covid -19 has had important repercussions for Italian companies: but what exactly are the effects? The new report created by Svimez – Study Center of the Guglielmo Tagliacarne Chambers of Commerce – Unioncamere sought an answer to this question.

Lack of innovation: businesses at risk are especially in the South

The survey shows that there is a WhatsApp Number List difference in growth between  companies in High Bounce Rate: Northern and Southern Italy . In particular, we note fragilities linked to the services sector. 48 % of Italian companies have a low level of innovation : they do not export their products and do not rely on new technologies to manage organization or production. This percentage increases in the South (55%) and the Center (50%) while in the North it stops at between 41% and 46%. This gap must not be ignored and it must above all be the State that encourages the digitalisation of companies with ad hoc measures. From this perspective, the digital vouchers granted through the PIDs of the Chambers of Commerce throughout Italy are certainly an unmissable opportunity.

Lack of innovation and declining turnover

Gaetano Fausto Esposito, general director of the Study Center of the G. Tagliacarne Chambers of Commerce, High Bounce Rate: anticipated that the situation in 2021 may not be so prosperous. In fact, “it is possible that companies in the South could achieve even more negative results KOB Directory this year compared to their expectations, because they are less aware of their accumulated delays on the issues of innovation and digital ” . Awareness is therefore an important aspect: many companies do not know all the opportunities they are missing due to digital resistance . In particular, those who work in central and southern Italy and work in services must commit to filling the gap. Among the steps to take to digitalize your company, i

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