How To Remove Unauthorized Sellers On Shopee

Just click IP Protection from your Dragon Split side menu, then select Shopee IP Protection.
Split Dragon IP Protection – Overview

Click on the button illustrated in the image above to add a brand or trademark.

When you do, you will receive a warning pop-up. Just click “Continue and Add New Brand Name”.

Split Dragon IP Protection – Overview

Click “Add New Row” then enter a brand name. After that, click “Start Search”.

All you have to do now is wait for the search results. It can take several hours to get results.

Split Dragon IP Protection – Overview

Once the results are generated, your Shopee IP Protection dashboard should look like the illustration above.

The search will return the following information:

Product image
Brand name
Tautan’s URL PDP
Seller’s name
Listing date found to be a potential fake seller
The list of products that you will see phone number list in the results are the names of all the PDPs selling goods under your brand. You will be the one to review based on your own retailer’s record of which are authentic and inauthentic sellers.

Just click Pending to determine whether PDP is an authorized or unofficial seller
Split Dragon IP Protection – Overview

When you set the status as authorized, this particular product will be listed under the authorized products section.

Respectively, if you set the product status as unofficial, it will appear under the Unauthorized Products tab.

To take action against a seller you think is selling counterfeit products from your brand, simply click View & Copy.

Split Dragon IP Protection – Overview

phone number list

This will allow you to preview our removal letter template for counterfeit products. You have the option to copy text or download files. After that, you just need to edit the sender’s name at the bottom of the letter and then you can proceed to send it.

Some consider the elimination of KOB Directory¬†counterfeits to be significant only for big brands but coming from experienced business owners themselves, these counterfeit sellers can indeed hinder sales growth in the long run. If you have any questions about Split Dragon’s IP Protection feature, you can easily contact our customer service and our team will get back to you shortly.

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