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Step one how to prepare for a candidate soft skills assessment 20.12 2017. Author Olga Kuskovskaya is an international organizational coach, consultant and business coach. Author and host of the project HR school Golden Staff. Worke in HR for over 10 years. success is achieve by those who not only have professional knowlege and competencies, but also know how to effectively interact with people, adapt to a new situation, and be part of a team. And the importance of emotional intelligence for employees of all spheres and levels not only becomes.

An Object Of Discussion

But is also confirme by research. That is why the ability to evaluate a candidate’s soft skills at an interview is one of the priority tasks for an HR manager. free master class We recommend watching a free master class Hard to find, easy to Austria WhatsApp Number List lose, impossible to forget how to find a really cool sales manager? Why create a soft skills profile for a job? Why create a soft skills profile for a job To begin with, it is important to understand exactly what “flexible” skills your ideal candidate should have. What will contribute to its effectiveness in the workplace, in the company, in the team.

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This Is The First Stage  The Formation

Of a job profile Talk to your boss, colleagues, subordinates. Consider the culture of your company and the very specifics of the work. If you select a chief accountant, then most likely one of the important competencies will be self-control. If the KOB Directory director of the financial department, then the ability to plan time will not be superfluous. If the company is very customer-oriente and high service, then even for an employee of the financial department, courtesy and sociability will be important.

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