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What is the definition Assertiveness – examples of behavior expressing your opinions, nes. Wishes and feelings active listening to others healthy acceptance of criticism, compliments and assessments. The ability to say no ability to self-esteem, awareness of one’s own character traits and strengths and weaknesses. The ability to compromise without feeling at a loss taking care of one’s own interests and nes, taking into account. The interests of others recognizing and accepting your successes and failures. The ability to set boundaries and fight for your rights manipulation resistance admitting a mistake. Apologizing when necessary healthy control of your emotions If you think you have a problem with any of the above behaviors and you find them useful, read below how to practice assertive attitudes.

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A good professional summary in your CV can convince the recruiter. You don’t have to reinvent anything: choose a summary written by experts and customize it in the LiveCareer CV creator . cv creator How to train assertiveness? Exercises As with many soft skills , you can start practicing assertiveness with self-reflection. Observe yourself in various social DB to Data situations, see how you react to conflicts, whether you have problems with saying no and whether it is easy to persuade you to do something you do not want or cannot do. It is worth working on assertiveness primarily under the supervision of a professional.

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A psychologist or psychotherapist who will recognize your problems and show you how to overcome them and learn how to be KOB Directory assertive. If you cannot assess for yourself whether you are assertive, you can decide to take an assertiveness test. You can find a free and extensive quiz on the website of Psychology Today magazine . You can also go for assertiveness training – many psychological clinics and training centers offer courses focus exclusively on this skill. Some of them will involve playing scenes with other students and using the so-call assertiveness techniques . 

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