It Is Desirable That The Interview

First nuance Be sure to warn that if an application is submitte. This does not mean that it will certainly be approve. First you nee to pass the competition. After all, firstly, there may be several internal contenders. And then among them you will have to choose one, the strongest. And secondly, a candidate may be rejecte if she does not meet the requirements for the position. It is very important that employees understand this already at the stage of launching. The portal and this would not come as an unpleasant surprise for them.

Second Nuance All Internal

Than external candidates when they do not pass the competition and do not get the desire position. If this is not done, then many employees will simply not want to try their hand next time, fearing to completely lose face in the eyes of management and colleagues. During feeback, the main task is to Kenya WhatsApp Number List form the right attitude for the employee about an unsuccessful attempt to advance in the service. Remind him that this competition is far from the last and at any moment there may be a chance to take a similar position or even more attractive.

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Candidates Should Be Given More Detaile Feeback

Be sure to name the real reason for the refusal, indicate the criteria for which the employee did not fit. Then he will be able to derive practical benefit from participation in the KOB Directory competition, regardless of its outcome, since he will know for sure with the candidate is not the manager who poste the vacancy, but an HR specialist. As a rule, HRs feel a person more subtle, it is easier for them to present the news so that a person does not experience great disappointment.

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