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Bank BPS and cooperative banks are pro-social institutions and strongly involve in charity work for their communities. Take care of your brand image. Ask how we can help you with this. Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Challenges for Commplace – crisis PR workshops Our consulting was fully focuse on the image area. As part of cooperation with Bank Spółdzielczy, we prepare and conducte training in the field of image management. Especially in crisis situations. Our experts analyze the possibilities and marketing tools and recommende those that fit into the brand strategy.

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In addition, a scheule for the implementation of individual tools was also prepare, thanks to which the participants of the training receive a full package of valuable information. Scope of cooperation The image is a treasure. Don’t let chance make database you lose it. We have appointe a deicate team of PR specialists to work with the client. As a result, we create a detaile action plan. Commplace’s tasks include: Analysis of current brand activities and its image This is the action from which we start our advisory activities. Experts from Commplace analyze the current activities of the brand and its image.


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As a result, we have full information about the quality and quantity of activities carrie out by the brand. The analysis also allows to determine the effectiveness of these activities and verify whether they are consistent with the goals and the set KOB Directory direction. Communication audit Communication audit is a process that determines how effective brand communication is. Communication is about how a company or organization sends and receives information; or makes them available to different recipients. An audit should be carrie out for each type of communication that the company makes or the type of audience that it directs to.

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