It Is The Younger Generation That Suffers

Youth unemployment While in Russia in the 90s there was a demographic hole, and this was reflecte in today’s generation Y deficit in the labor market, unemployment among the younger generation is growing all over the world, especially in Spain, Greece, Portugal and even Sween. It was the develope economies that suffere the most. It is not so much about age, but about the possession of unique special knowlege or skills. the most from this gap. Even in Russia, it is not so easy to get a starting position.

Compare The Level Of Competition

According to  was 6.7 people per seat. At the same time, 9.2 people applie for one vacancy among young specialists and graduates this is one of the most highly competitive areas Indonesia WhatsApp Number List on the site. 4. Rising Inequality Getting More Done in Less Time In general, the global trend is such that with the development of technology, modern approaches to work, people began to spend less time on more work. At the same time, wages grow disproportionately to the growth of labor productivity.

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On Average,in 2017 the Competition

For example, between 1999 and 2011, labor productivity KOB Directory more than double while wages rose by only 35%. But the problem is not only this the inequality of wages depending on the territories for the same job is also growing. Compare in Moscow, the average salary in retail trade is 52,100 rubles, in Omsk – 27,700 rubles. Exactly the same situation is observe in other countries. 

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