Laying Straw For Yourself Is The Right Decision

When Olga came with a letter of resignation, no one really appreciate her anymore and did not hold her back. She and her former company quietly parte ways. What can be done? Know what you’re worth as a pro and always be prepare for unexpecte twists and turns. because literally everything tends to change overnight. 4. Lack of corporate loyalty Theory. Here, in particular, it means trips to third-party interviews, negative statements about your company, dissemination of information that interferes with its work, and so on.

Practice Another Classic Story

Wante to see the market and, as they say, show himself. He poste a resume, close it for the current company there is such a function on the leading recruiting resources and began to look at what is now offere in his specialty. And he was 100% sure that Ecuador WhatsApp Number List his company would not know anything about it. Unfortunately, Kirill did not take into account that HR specialists are friends with each other and often communicate, so the HR department of his company quickly found out about everything.

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The Listener Let’s Call Him Kirill

Kirill was a senior sales manager in telecom, and the company did not want to remove him or replace him. But until I found out that Cyril goes to interviews. Then, among his colleagues, they found an internal candidate who was promote KOB Directory to replace Kirill the new employee was both loyal and could have been paid less. Cyril was simply informe that his position was being transferre to another person, and he could be free.

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