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The text and graphic design of the flyer is done on one or both sides of the paper. The flyer differs from the classic flyer by its smaller size and specific purpose. It necessarily provides some privileges to the holder. It acts as a discount certificate. Offers a gift from the company. It can buy items in a sale that contain a promo code. Leaflets are issued in digital or offset format; ascending order in millimeters; mini-leaflets; double larger than previous formats European format.

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Finished flyers are printed on standard paper with a gloss-coated density of 10 as well as patterned paper. The higher the quality of the paper, the more the flyer can inspire confidence in consumers and thus stimulate interest in the advertised product. Leaflet phone number list dimensions are as shown in the image below. Leaflets differ from leaflets in their large size and detailed information. It contains a detailed description of the product and buying conditions with enough space for a mini catalog with prices. Advertising flyers can be fun to attract attention and evoke positive emotions associated with a brand, product, service.

With printed products than with other advertising media

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Benefits of Leaflet Advertising The main advantage of advertising on leaflets and leaflets is that it allows you to reach a large number of people. The KOB Directory cost of the campaign is low compared to advertising via the Internet, TV, and radio. This is a budget type of advertising. Advertisers pay once for development of design layouts and printouts Effects take a long time.

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