Mobile travel apps help consumers save money

Mobile devices are revolutionizing the way consumers book their travel. Whether it’s making it easier to book airfare or find exciting highlights on your trip, there seems to. Mobile travel apps help be no limit to what smartphones and tablets can do. One of the newest apps on the market is called tingo. The company, which is owned by trip advisor, automatically rebooks vacation-goers who have downloaded the software in hotel rooms that are less expensive than the one they originally paid for. The money they saved is then refunded to a card they provided in advance. It’s just one of the many programs that are saving individuals money when it comes to accommodations.

There are various other apps offering significant discounts

That are currently available to individuals who want to book a last-minute vacation. Those like hoteltonight provide discounted rates at Mobile travel apps help more than 2,000 hotels. What’s also great about this program, which biz list can be downloaded on iphone and android phones, is that it allows travelers to customize what kind of rooms they are looking for.

And these apps can save people more than just a few bucks. For example, tingo helped one woman, amy eisen, who was vacationing in the dominican republic, get a refund of $1,874. In chicago, hoteltonight found a room at the wyndham blake hotel for $129 when the list price was $179.

If you work in the travel or hospitality industry

You may want to consider working with a local online marketing firm that can help you create mobile apps for your consumers. This software KOB Directory can make it easy for potential and current customers to take advantage of the service you offer. These Mobile travel apps help agencies can also can help you organize pay-per-click advertisements and even redesign your business’s website.
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