People Do Not Have An Understanding Of Their

The goals of the department are not clear to either management or employees – there is no commonality in moving forward and the synergistic effect of the team. role in the overall process. The state is like a lonely sailing ship in the ocean, which has no bearings and no understanding of which course is right. The idea of ​​a business is initially poorly package – it is not perceive in the market, there are no obvious brand ambassadors, a share of loyal consumers. Perhaps the owners themselves do not believe in what they are promoting to the market – how can you give results to hire employees No professional respect.

There Is No Culture Of Recognition

One of the most important human nees in business is constructive feeback. People nee guidelines – what is good and what is bad. So, about the bad most remember well. And about what was done perfectly – as a rule, is forgotten. It is especially sensitive when an employee has outdone himself, made a Nigeria WhatsApp Number List breakthrough, worke in overtime for a long time, and the achievement was perceive by management as “That’s right, nothing special happene.” The lack of a culture of encouraging inner heroism, unrequite victory is another vice of modern organizations.

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Of Achievements And Gratitude For Committe Work

In the labor market there is always someone better than my current employee – such a conviction of management indicates that the company is not going to invest resources in the training and development of its native specialist. Instead, he can regularly look for a replacement for a working employee in the KOB Directory labor market, as soon as he was guilty of something, or did not live up to someone’s poorly formulate expectations. Replacement people come and go from time to time. Their employees are becoming more meek and lack of initiative, or they are fire immeiately – in general, such behavior does not lead to anything good.

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