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Such results indicate a high level of knowlege of tax and accounting legislation, and the employees who score more than have the ability to analytically evaluate the processes that they reflect in accounting and the ability to generate and analyze reports. the results indicate a high level of knowlege of tax and accounting legislation General training Finassessment testing showe that out of people have an average or higher level of knowlege of accounting, reporting and reporting. At the same time, more than half of these workers who gave more than of correct answers have a high level – more than . It was also reveale that workers from those who passe the test have analytical skills. And accountants gave the minimum number of correct answers.

The Situation Was Much Better Only Out

Of accountants did not score of the correct answers. At the same time, accountants were determine, who score of correct answers. Base on the test results, the reviewer note one employee who thinks outside the box within the framework of the current legislation and draws logical Uruguay WhatsApp Number List conclusions. Most of the company’s accountants correctly answere questions regarding VAT. Along with this, the most problematic questions for them were formation of the primary cost of acquire values ​​ goods correspondence of accounts regarding the accounting of goods especially in terms of the return of goods and explanations of the above correspondence of accounts in terms.

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Special Training In Terms Of Special Training

Of the proceure and events for the recognition of income recognition and measurement of accounts receivable for balance sheet documenting expenses deadlines for paying VAT if the deadlines fall on weekends or holidays. Primary testing Development of a results-base professional development KOB Directory program In general, the testing data of the company’s accounting department showe that its specialists have a fairly high level of knowlege of accounting and tax legislation, but gaps in the answers indicate a lack of a clear understanding of the organization of the accountant’s work. will help to increase their efficiency in the future.

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