Search Rating Tracking Tutorial

To start tracking your searches, you just need to go to the products section and identify the product you want to rank for. Split Dragon

Next, click on the three dots next to the product. Click Track New Keywords.

You will be taken to an information page for your product where there will be an option to enter your target keyword. Click Add.
Split Dragon

That’s when the software will process the information. Once done, you will find your target keyword under your target keyword list with the following information:

Your current search ranking
Keyword evolution trends
Weekly trend
When was your search ranking last updated
If you haven’t done keyword research yet, you can use Split Dragon’s Keyword Suggestion tool. The short clip below shows how easy it is to create custom keywords for the Lazada and Shopee algorithms.

Split Test Your Product

Split testing or AB testing allows you Latest Mailing Database to assess the effectiveness of your SEO / CRO strategy for your product listings.

For example, if you have a product listing on a gaming product, in your split test, experiment with the images, prices, titles, and bullet points of the list.

Using your A and B variations, you will know if one is better at converting sales.

Split Testing Tutorial

Go to your product and identify the product you want to test. Click on the three dots next to the product and then select Add New AB Test.

Split Dragon

Select the product attribute that you want to test.

You need to confirm the following information:

When you want the test to start
How long the test will run
Variation B of the product attribute
When finished, click Submit AB Test.

Do Market Research

Latest Mailing Database
Market research benefits you in two ways: it lets you know the product niche you’re in if you’re a new seller. Second, it lets you research a specific competitor’s revenue or sales.

Let’s say you sell gaming equipment like computers and consoles. And then you have Ipason as one of your competitors.

By doing market research through Split Dragon, you will be able to identify which products from Ipason are best selling. In KOB Directory addition, you will know how many sales a brand has made or how much revenue it has earned.

Our Market Research feature is a tool specifically for Shopee Sellers . In the future, we may offer this feature to Lazada sellers as well.

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