SMEs and digital change is unstoppable

The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of new technologies by Italian companies. But where is digitalisation at? Here are the latest data Published March 24, 2021 Alt text In 2020, many companies decided not to waste any further time and adopt digital tools to use in the various organisational, production and management processes. Digital has become part of normal corporate life and is used today especially in marketing .

SMEs and digital: an increasingly strong relationship

The report takes into consideration a America Cell Phone Number List sample of Italian entrepreneurs . 44 % of respondents said they had accelerated the digitalization process in their company. 25% of these did not envisage this type of investment at all, but the pandemic led to a change in strategy. On the other hand, new technologies have allowed many SMEs not to freeze during the first months of lockdown, continuing to operate even remotely. And also thanks to the many fruits collected, the trend has not ended at all, on the contrary. Companies also confirm that for 2021 they will dedicate a large part of their budget to digital . 70% of the sample interviewed confirmed this .

How companies organized themselves during the pandemic

With the introduction of digital , the companies interviewed have reorganized KOB Ddirectory their internal structure and organisation . For example, they have adopted smart working , moving all operations online. At the same time, they maintained relationships with customers thanks to video calls, chats and always thanks to new technologies . Why have many companies decided to exploit digital in 2020? Among the most widespread fears we find that of losing competitiveness (38%) and losing revenue (25%). Do you manage your Online Presence? on search engines, sites and social media from a single point FIND HOW Companies now manage most of their processes remotely and the pandemic has been decisive in this respect. For example,

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