Some Personnel Officers Are Afraid Of Litigation

With a similar pattern, the frequency of accrual of bonuses base on performance varies. Source category/wages/material/1052/ The main fears of the HR manager 30.10 2017 Some of them have existe for a long time, some were cause by the onset of the crisis. For example, despite the fact that a professional HR manager will always find a job, with the advent of the crisis, HR specialists were among the first to be laid off. Today, the fear of losing a job is fading into the background according to a survey publishe by Antal Russia.

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Of personnel management. But there are other frightening complexities in the job of a recruiting manager . free master class We recommend watching a free master class Georgia WhatsApp Number List Finassessment for HR Tools for Solving Tactical and Strategic HR Tasks Fear of being fire Not every HR specialist is ready to say with a confident voice “You are not suitable for us.” Someone is preparing for a long time to tell the person that the company can no longer continue to work with him, but all to no avail.

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Companies Are Again Recruiting Specialists

A furniture company representative says that when she is about to tell an employee that she will have to say goodbye, her pressure rises, although she has been working as an HR specialist for several years. Dismissal can lead to even more unpleasant consequences than discomfort in a KOB Directory psychological sense. with former employees in court. After all, managers basically shift the responsibility for the current conflict situation onto the shoulders of an employee of the personnel department. Wrong person Hiring the wrong candidate is a big risk for an HR employee.

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