Split Dragon Ip Protection Overview

As a brand, one of the biggest challenges you have to face is sellers intent on selling counterfeit or imitation products from your product line.

In the most basic terms, IP Protection is only about protecting yourself from these fake sellers.

With counterfeit products circulating everywhere, your brand could lose significant sales or negatively impact your brand reputation.

List of contents What is IP Protection? The definition above is just one way of looking at IP Protection. The latter could also represent a proprietary feature in the Split Dragon software that basically gives you a dashboard where you can see a list of Shopee sellers using your brand or trademark.


From that list, you will be able to determine which are authorized resellers and which are selling counterfeit copies based on your own records of the relevant sellers.

Once you’ve determined an authorized and unofficial reseller, Split Dragon provides you with a template that you can use to send a takedown request letter.

Why Should I Use IP Protection?

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You may be wondering how important it is for you to keep track of authorized and unofficial retailers.

Should it bother you to what extent whatsapp mobile number list do you actually ask them to remove counterfeit products?

Here’s a basic summary of how counterfeit products can affect your brand:

  • Fake sellers steal your sales because the prices are too low
  • Your brand may be to blame for the poor quality products or poor customer service treatment fake buyers may experience
  • Undermines long-term buyer confidence

How to Remove Unauthorized Sellers on Lazada

Split Dragon’s IP Protection feature currently only supports use within the Shopee platform. But this is only because Lazada already has a systematic process to take down unofficial sellers on Lazada.

The first thing you need to do is make sure that your product is under legal protection. This means that you own your business name and trademark that are registered under the law.

If you have started a new brand, we strongly recommend that you archive your records immediately prior to surgery.

You cannot file a counterfeit complaint if the rights registration is done after the complaint.

Once you get your business right and you find someone counterfeiting your product line, simply secure the following documents:

  • Government provided ID or business registration certificate/business license
  • Evidence of intellectual property rights

After that, you can go to the IPP Portal KOB Directory to file a complaint. Lazada will take care of the rest for you.

If you want a complete overview of Lazada’s intellectual property policy, you can check out our post on Lazada’s Intellectual Property Policy An Overview.

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