Split Dragon’s New Product Launch Strategy

The main goal of the Honeycomb Score is to give sellers a little push to improve their new product. However, it is a bit difficult to get a clear advantage when the same features are accessible to all sellers.

So how do you get an unbeatable competitive advantage?

Split Dragon’s answer is knowing exactly what your customers want using data-driven tools like Product Analytics, Keyword Ranking, Competitor Tracking, Split Algorithmic testing and more.

Did you know that online consumers generate an average of 1.7MB of new information per second? With the advent of massive internet cloud storage, you have direct access to information that a physical retail store doesn’t have. Unfortunately, only a few business owners know how to use this information to their advantage.

With Split Dragon, you can leverage this big data to provide better services, produce better products and ultimately grow your business.


Here are some of the main strategies you can implement 

Without a doubt, online search is an integral part of a customer’s buying decision, and if your new product isn’t optimize, it’s like leaving cash on the table. Also, if your new product is in a highly competitive niche, placing the right keywords in the title and description can be a lifesaver.

Speaking of keywords, keyword research is an SEO anchor and a very vital part of digital marketing. Know which keywords phone number list are used the most in your niche. You can use Split Dragons Keyword Research tool to have access to high volume search keywords based on actual Lazada search volume. You’ll see which keywords were used to optimize your listing before uploading products to your store.

While you are enjoying increased traffic from Lazada, take some time to evaluate the performance of your listings. You can use the Search Rank Tracking tool to see how many have searched for your product and how it ranks each day.

Recap on improving an existing item page

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Since we’ve covered New Item Boosts, why not have a recap on how to upgrade your existing items too.

The main function of the Improve Existing Product Page is to show you important details that you are missing and the reasons why your product is not performing at peak performance.

If you have a large list of products, don’t worry, these pages are easy to navigate thanks to the filters and search function. It also features a Tips Section where you can find more information about the benefits you will get after upgrading the product. Just look at the “Issues List” column for action points.

One of our favorite parts of this page is KOB Directory that you can see the missed benefits clearly at the top of the page.

Remember, if you check all the benefits, you are one step ahead of getting more exposure and sales compared to the non-fixed item.


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