The Application Greatly Simplifies

There are analytical functions for screening out profiles of the same candidate, searching for suitable specialists in social networks by keywords. Feature integrates with recruiting sites and mail. We have our own database of applicants. Cons There is a monthly subscription fee. Requirements available for any OS. 5.Bullhorn An application for managing information about candidates processe by a recruiter. It allows you to eit data, leave notes, synchronize work with other recruiters.

Tracke By The Application

Automatically attache to their profiles. Here you can also analyze the work of the company in the recruiting direction using graphs. Feature cloud program. Cons paid. Requirements Available El Salvador WhatsApp Number List for use on PCs and smartphones. 8 recruiting apps 6. Pruffy Friends Application that allows you to search for staff in social networks. Its users can send daily vacancies to their friends and acquaintances on the Web. Uses gamification tools anyone can recommend a friend or acquaintance for a job.

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Correspondence With Candidates

If the protégé is a perfect match for employers, then Pruffi sends the reward to the referee’s personal account. The amount of remuneration depends on the specifics of the vacancy, but on average it is 1000 euros. Information about the price KOB Directory of each close vacancy is poste in the application, which fuels the excitement of users. the process of closing vacancies for narrow specialists. Feature the application has turne the search for candidates into a game. Disadvantages inconvenient database of vacancies. 

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