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This question is aske by many executives and HR managers. It is both simple and complex at the same time, because money and the fear of being fire are not always good motivators. of employees intereste in this. For disintereste staff, training may cause resistance or dissatisfaction. As a result, a minimum of acquire knowlege and the company’s money thrown to the wind. So, why does the staff not want to learn, and how to instill in them a desire to improve their skills free master class We recommend watching a free master class Staff motivation – how to make employees want to work themselves Motivation for learning what is it and what does it depend on Motivation is understood as a kind of “push” that makes a person perform specific actions.

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Effective motivators for employees. In the case of eucation, things are a little different. Modern companies consider motivation for learning an important part of personnel policy. The motives that influence the attitude of employees towards learning can be both positive and negative. Some make them Slovenia WhatsApp Number List want to learn, while others, on the contrary, demotivate them in matters of acquiring knowlege. Moreover, the desire to improve one’s qualifications may not always be useful for the company, and unwillingness can be harmful. Motivation for learning The maximum effect of training will be achieve if the employee is guide by positive motives. Why do employees “resist” learning The unwillingness of employees to learn is a signal for the company’s management.

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It can be dictate by personal fears of uncertainty, lack of self-confidence. Perhaps the company’s employees are not focuse on achieving success, they do not see the connection between their efforts and their remuneration. In this case, the manager should think about the reasons and possible ways to KOB Directory solve them. Reasons why staff do not want to learn misunderstanding of learning objectives lack of interest in the topic and format of the eucational process skepticism about management decisions low self-esteem or, conversely, self-confidence inflexible conservative value system unwillingness to spend their free time studying This list can be continue, because the reason for every excuse is a lack of motivation.

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