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To make the company special for employees, employers often resort to the use of “bonuses”. With nice additions, organizations make the working environment more comfortable for employees without sacrificing productivity or discipline. A gym at the expense of the employer, the presence of gaming zones or the ability to work remotely from time to time are the most standard “bonus” options. They are widespread in Russia and Ukraine, especially in the IT sector, where there is a lot of competition for talent.

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To attract new and retain old employees. Airbnb , which searches for and rents accommodation around the world, motivates employees with a payment of  2,000 for travel . Yammer , which develops enterprise software, does not limit Bangladesh WhatsApp Number List the number of vacation days and offers free beer. Adobe does not rely on entertainment, but on employee training. science courses at the Stanford Instructional Television Network. The software developer, Meallia , tries to pay attention not only to the physical health of employees, but also to the psychological one.

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The Non Standard Tricks Of Companies

The employer finances attendance at courses and trainings to overcome fears. Apple has probably gone the furthest. In 2015, they decide to motivate employees or rather female employees with the opportunity to freeze their eggs in order to KOB Directory concentrate on their careers at a young age. It is important to remember that the creation of a holistic image of the company will be achieve only by working with its perception of both future and current employees.

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