The Company Has A Special Program To Promote

Prepare an employee for promotion – assign non-standard work, include in project teams Such groups include representatives of different departments in order to implement a specific project develop a product, introduce a new production technology, restructure the work of the department. Within the framework of this project, team members perform work that differs from their standard job responsibilities here we are not talking about organizations with a matrix management system, where project teams are standard elements of the organizational structure.

Specialists For A Specialist To Participate

To master new skills and improve their qualifications, while retaining their previous, familiar position. And for the company, this is not only a way to implement an urgent project, but also an opportunity to prepare an employee for promotion by trying it in combat conditions in Kuwait WhatsApp Number List a new area of ​​work. At the same time, unlike the personnel reserve, the project work itself does not give the employee the feeling that he is being purposefully prepare for promotion and that the company will definitely offer him a new position after all, this may not happen.

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In The Work Of The Project Team Means

At Atlas Copco, project teams are set up for periods ranging from a few months to one to two years. Participants are selecte as follows requirements for applicants are publishe on the internal portal, everyone can submit their application through the portal, then they have an interview with an HR KOB Directory manager and / or a future project manager. Not only group, but also individual project work is actively use, including for the development of employees enrolle in the personnel reserve. After all, some projects do not require the involvement of several specialists at once. Example women to leadership positions.

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