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Service organizing and conducting advance training courses for specialists in the department. Of finance and accounting. Training of branch specialists from two million-plus cities. Project description Company N is an FMCG retailer with a large retail network in Asia and Europe. By the chief accountant with a request to conduct an assessment of the competencies. Of his subordinates and a number of training events for employees. Of the finance and accounting departments. Frequent changes in legislation have le to errors in reporting and frequent fines from regulatory authorities. The chief accountant hope to eliminate these phenomena. By improving the skills and updating the knowlege of subordinates.

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Terms of cooperation September – December free master class We recommend watching a free master class Personnel profiling for HR learning to understand people Project work Ukraine WhatsApp Number List Representatives of company N applie to the Aktiv Financial Academy with a request to organize testing and conduct a refresher course for the finance and accounting department. To fulfill the order, the experts of the academy divide the process into several stages Evaluation of the professional level of the client company’s specialists. Analysis of the obtaine results.

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Difficulty The Employees Of The Departments

Development of a training program base on the results. eucation. Final assessment of competencies upon completion of training. Evaluation of the professional level of the client company’s specialists Academy experts neee initial data on the competencies of specialists to develop a refresher course. For this, the functionality of the Finassessment service was use, which is equippe with a database of specialĀ  tests to KOB Directory assess the professional level of specialists. The management of the customer company determine the list of skills that nee to be assesse, and the experts of the academy selecte a number of tests in Finassessment on the requeste skills to assess the personnel of the accounting department.

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