The Employee Must Decide For Himself

In one American trading company, for passing a certain number of seminars, an employee receive an increase in salary in the amount of of it. High test scores increase the premium by another . Growth of premiums with the passage of training Method number . Offer to independently choose the direction of study what will be more useful to him in his work. Training should be applie in nature, be directly relate to its activities. In this case, the staff is unlikely to object that a particular seminar or training was useless for them. Method number . Pay attention to the connection between training and career growth.

This May Be Participation In A New Project

This method of motivation was u in one large industrial company. A program was installe in the computer class – an imitation of a real production chain. Those who did not pass it Slovenia WhatsApp Number List were transferre to a branch of a company with less advance technologies. Method number . Introduce a system of unpreictable bonuses Such an “unpreictable” bonus can be a subscription to a fitness club, a week-long vacation in some exotic country. For example, Reckitt Benckiser use computer games to train employees.

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The Opportunity To Work With New Equipment

But, despite the excitement of the lesson, a few weeks after the start of the training, employees were already reluctant to complete the tasks. To offset fatigue, the staff decide to assign points for each game. The employees with the most points won the grand prize, an adventurous adventure KOB Directory worth up to. Whatever method of motivation is use, the main thing to remember is that employees are capital. You nee to remember their nees, so that one day you don’t remain the most motivate boss, but already without subordinates. Finassessment big updates of the month.

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