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By the way, Intuit willingly invites all intereste candidates as well as recruiters who nee new ideas to their virtual reality. General Mills uses virtual reality to stand out at career events Food giant General Mills is keen to be notice at job fairs. To do this, they invite the participants of the event at the University of Minnesota on a virtual tour of their offices – and receive a huge response. General Mills General Mills use the Oculus Rift VR headset. Leo Timmons, IT director of application development, explains on the company’s website that the very possibility of being in virtual reality captures job seekers and draws their attention to the company even before they watch the video.

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Were not mistaken. If you’re trying to stand out from the crowd in a crowde career showroom, nothing grabs everyone’s attention like that. The Commonwealth Bank of Australia CBA is using virtual reality to assess candidates’ decision-making ability. In , the largest bank in Australia, CBA, simply stunne Peru WhatsApp Number List everyone by announcing that it was introducing VR technologies into the recruiting process. Being in virtual reality, candidates had the opportunity to participate in working projects and demonstrate their ability to make flexible, rational decisions. CBA video environment To create an interactive video environment, CBA like General Mills also use the Oculus Rift gadget.

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But companies that want to experiment with virtual reality don’t have to invest in expensive equipment you can now buy cardboard VR devices cardboard VR devices that connect to iPhone smartphones and cost less than a cup of coffee. Welcome to the future! . Marriott Trie Facebook Simulation Games as KOB Directory a Recruiting Approach. And finally, something special. app to allow candidates to experience the dynamic environment of the Marriott kitchen. In just two weeks, users from countries have joine the game where everyone can open their own restaurant, manage the institution’s budget and train staff . And although the developers have not yet been able to simulate tantalizing restaurant smells, many people have been drawn into this exciting activity for a long time.

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