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The whole process of conducting an interview and the final decision on it depend on these and many other subconscious attitudes. What to do Use trials and trials instead of interviews. Ron Frieman relies on a kind of trial of applicants. After all, when selecting actors, singers, dancers or musicians, they go through auditions. So why not give a chance to other specialists to show themselves in business, not limite to conversation Different people have different temperaments and communication skills. And not everyone manages to show their professionalism in an hour of interview. Many foreign companies have been testing candidates in combat conditions for a long time.

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They have nothing to do with the usual interviews. that he is not intereste in their resume, but it is important for him to know how much they share corporate ideas and values. The company gathers about applicants for an “extreme interview” and it lasts an hour. All candidates are divide into pairs and UK WhatsApp Number List for minutes they complete the task together at the same computer. After minutes, the candidates change partners, after another minutes they do it again. For the entire duration of such an interview, the participants are monitore by employees of the company. They decide who to invite to the next stage – paid day of work on a project in a team.

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The person who performs the task best is invite to a paid internship for weeks. The head of site content management system Matt Mullenweg also believes that the ability to speak and behave does not say anything about a person as a specialist. Some people are able to charm anyone, but this does not guarantee that they will be good employees. Presenting a specialist at interviews may turn out to be just his hone skill and not supporte by real productivity. This company believes in the potential of a new interview format – “testing”. Selecte candidates are invite to work together for – weeks under the contract. During this period, they closely interact with their potential colleagues and work on real tasks.

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