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Rather, beware of throwing a large number of keywords into the group. This is not a good practice, at least in the case of very complex campaigns. Also, make sure your ad groups have more than 1 ad! Create at least 3 versions of them to see which ad gives you the best results. In your activities, try to make each ad lead to a different landing page, also as part of testing and drawing conclusions. It’s like this in 3 words about the division Google Ads campaign extensions It is very important that your campaign has extensions . Every. Possible. Enlargement. No, I’m not exaggerating. There is no such thing as “too much is not healthy.

The basis of the basics is: extension of sitelinks

Explanatory extension, extension of information, phone extension, location extension, price extension, promotion extension, extension of the contact form, application extension. “A lot of these basic extensions…” Yes, but as I said before – it all depends on your business. If you run a service business and care about leads, you use a contact whatsapp mobile number list form or phone. Are you advertising an online store? Price extension and promotions are for you. Maybe you are a restaurateur who has several premises and you want to reach new customers? Choose a location extension for your ads. There are also 2 new extensions in the beta worth using in your Google Ads account: graphic extension, dynamic image.

Both are especially useful in the fashion

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Furniture or architectural industries, but as history shows, advertisers can find a way to use them for their industries It should be added here that these extensions are not yet available to everyone, but once you manage to use them apply on your account, you will see how they affect bids for keywords, CTRs, budget, and thus the entire KOB Directory campaign (small spoiler – positive). Extensions make your ad visible among other advertisers, and we know very well how many of them there are on the market and what level large marketing agencies are currently at. If you have the opportunity to “shine” in the search network and reach the user – try to improve your ad with ALL possible extensions.

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