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In the near future, a mobile application and a “smart” search for candidates will be launche. The possibilities of the service have also expande due to cooperation with other companies. CSR companies Big Banking Tests and Academy 1 joine the project. With their help, it was possible to expand the list of teste hard skills. And the international company TTI SI is engage in the assessment of flexible skills. Thus, the creators of the project form a service for a full-flege assessment of competencies. What results has the service achieve 10 months after the launch.

According To The Ceo

Financial Academy “Active” Anna Verba, the startup immeiately showe dynamic growth. Six months later, Finassessment reache the breakeven point. According to management forecasts, it will reach payback in February-March 2018, that is, in less Albania WhatsApp Number List than a year after the launch of the project. “Our service is useful for companies that are developing and entering the international arena. In this regard, they will nee specialists with certain skills,” says Anna Verba. — Of course, they can recruit specialists. But a better option is to train a person who is already working.

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This Is A Very Important Motivational Factor

When a company trains an employee and gives him the opportunity to develop and build a career. Or, for example, companies are entering new markets and they nee to optimize their staff. Proctoring is a reliable way to get an objective assessment KOB Directory of candidates’ skills 22.12 2017 How do companies screen candidates for competence. Some HR managers ask for an expert in a narrow field to be present at the interview. Others allow you to complete a test task. And still others evaluate the skills of applicants remotely using professional tests. 

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