The List Of Activities May Include Management Activities

Evaluation center method Evaluation center method It is designe to solve two problems determining the qualities of the subject – personal and professional, as well as developing an individual training plan to develop abilities and skills. Evaluation may take a different time depending on the level of the person being evaluate. discussion of certain work tasks in a group, work in simulate conditions and solutions in them, preparation of business correspondence, documents, comparison of assessments of the work of the teste by experts and himself. Business game method It is use to assess the professionalism of staff in a team. It is carrie out in the conditions of specially designe and developing business games that imitate the working environment.

The Data Obtaine Demonstrates

Of existing and future work tasks. Method for assessing the achievement of goals The specialist and his supervisors choose and set certain work tasks and a clear deadline for their implementation. They are typical work tasks that should be achievable and benefit both the specialist and the entire company. The goals of the tasks demonstrate the area of ​​responsibility of the employee, and the results Antigua and Barbuda Email lists of the implementation show his readiness suitability for the position. The last word on the evaluation of results remains with the leader. Assessment method base on competency models The describe types of competence indicate the intellectual and business qualities of a specialist require for successful work in a company.

The Preparation For The Implementation

If a difference is identifie between the require and existing level of knowlege and skill. Then a professional development plan is develope base on the data. The course of training and development is assesse by an independent expert in stages. Base on specific results. Assessment Center The method KOB Directory of comprehensive personnel assessment. Which consists of a number of methods and is designe to determine the existing qualities. Of employees from their psychological portrait to professional competencies and suitability for the position held, as well as identifying their potential. It is considere one of the most accurate methods.

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