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Rapportive Free extension for Firefox and Google Chrome. For accessing your Gmail account, it opens an additional side information panel. With this app, all emails from candidates are enhance with photos, professional information from LinkeIn, and links to Facebook and Twitter base on their email addresses. In addition, the extension allows you to leave notes and comments on each contact. Rapportive xobni A free plugin for Gmail and Outlook that structures all information by recipients. It is compare with a social network, because thanks to it, a separate profile is create for each addressee, activity is recorde, and there is access to photos and contacts.

The Plugin Constantl Collects Data

A history of correspondence, as well as all sent files. Available for use on Android, iPhone and BlackBerry. xobni Discovery A free extension for Google Chrome that integrates all available information from Gmail, as well as social networks Facebook, Twitter and LinkeIn. It allows you to search for people South Korea WhatsApp Number List by mutual friends, and also has a special matryoshka indicator that shows the level of presence of each user on the Internet. Discovery Clearbit Connect A kind of built-in mini-dossier in the mail.

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On User Connections And Maintains

This plug-in in the additional column of Google-mail displays all the additional information on a particular candidate correspondence history, name, photo, place of work, address and occupation. Its main function is to search for mail by the name of the company where the specialist works. to lure KOB Directory him to their team, but do not know how to contact him. Clearbit Connect Since digital technologies have firmly entere our lives, why not use them for your own good After all, even such small extensions and applications can greatly facilitate the work of any HR manager and recruiter and help to focus on more important work.

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