The Robotic Program Can Take Over

Reminds me a bit of a fortune telling session. And for the applicants of our country, this method does not look serious. But, by the way, in France it is a tradition to evaluate a candidate by handwriting. Facial expressions and handwriting This is a short list of non-traditional recruiting methods. This includes various psychological tests, the formation of a team according to the signs of the zodiac, and others. Fortunately, more and more of these methods do not stand the test of time and go into oblivion.

Modern Recruitment Methods

The age of admiration for psychology for recruiting has passe. And a universal love for everything that ends in “-ization” is coming to the fore automation, robotization, gamification, digitalization. Thanks to the development of technology, HR departments Fax Lists are looking with renewe vigor for a method of fast, high-quality and cheap recruitment. 1. Search for candidates in social networks Accounts in social networks give a good idea of ​​a potential employee, and by “playing” with the settings of each of the social networks, you can find a large number.

Fax Lists

Of Candidates For A Wide Range

Of positions from line workers to top managers. Learn more about life hacks and search tools for job seekers for recruiters from the BJ Leads recording of our master class “ Following specialists in social networks ”. Search for candidates in social networks 2. Artificial intelligence the search and screening of candidates during the mass recruitment. Depending on the goals of the company, the bot finds and analyzes candidates in the network according to the specifie parameters. One of Uber’s Russian affiliates use a third-party platform to fill 20 customer support positions per month.

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