The Second Argument Is The Tests Themselves

The tests of our service have a very flexible structure. For each employee, you can “collect” an individual test, taking into account the specifics of his work. Thus, tests can test more than 500 skills of financial specialists and managers. And if you nee to test other, for example, very specific skills, we will figure out how to help you . Myth e4 How do you prove that the results of online tests are reliable? Everyone is looking for answers on the Internet or asking other people to solve tasks for them. We will destroy this myth with two weighty arguments.

The First Is That A Specialist Receives

The status of a “verifie” skill in the profile only after he has passe the test with proctoring e. note Proctoring is video surveillance of administrators over the testee and his computer screen to control the process and confirm the authenticity Job Function Email Database of the results. They are develope by our expert practitioners, and the questions in them are formulate in such a way that it is very time-consuming to quickly find answers anywhere except your own head.In addition, the time for solving tests is limite.

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Trying To Cheat Or Write Off A Specialist

Dooms himself to an unsuccessful result . Myth No. 5 It is easier for us to invite a candidate for a personal interview with our specialist and only then check his skills It is easier for us to invite a candidate for a personal interview Yes, this is an old and familiar KOB Directory interview format for many companies. But why not take advantage of progress. We offer companies to save time and money and conduct video interviews. This format is now considere a trend all over the world and many companies use it. Arranging an online meeting is much easier.

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