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Today we will continue this topic and talk with Vasily Pigin, CEO of TTISI Russia , about the other 6 “flexible” skills of a CFO. Vasily Pigin Vasily Pigin is the CEO of the international community of human talent operators TTI SUCCESS INSIGHTS in Russia, PhD in Economics, an expert in the field of soft skills. In the last article of the three categories of soft skills of the financial director, which were propose by Vasily Pigin, we examine in detail the first – personal qualities. In this material, we will analyze the rest behavioral and motivational characteristics. free master class We recommend watching a free master class.

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Behavioral characteristics So the first category is behavioral properties. That is, in what style should a person work, live, talk in order to achieve success as a financial director? Behavioral characteristics First, such a specialist must be able to analyze . That is, he must have a tendency to think first, and only then act. To make the right informe Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List decision, the CFO takes into account many components. Therefore, each of his actions is a reasonable algorithm of actions, and not an impulse. Second, organization . You can understand that you have a successful financial director in front of you at his workplace. He has nothing extra on the table, in the bag and in the head.

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Since foreign objects distract and interfere with thinking. is persistence. The CFO always gets his way. Someone may not give the necessary documents, not have time to prepare them. How will such a specialist act in a real situation? Perhaps he will be strict, or reorganize the work. There are many options. The main thing, in this case, is that he KOB Directory should not forget about the first soft skills of this category – the nee to analyze his actions and actions. “If we translate these behavioral characteristics into the language of behavioral styles and DISK Vasily says it turns out that financial directors are blue-re people.

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