The training center for CRM/ERP developers has been opened

If you want to do well, do it yourself,” says the folk wit, although it may not be applied to all spheres of life and activity. For example, a good manager cannot use this postulate. The business will immediately stop, and the businessman will stretch his legs from exhaustion. effective, but also  alternative options. At Aviva, we practice extensive training (and retraining) of our team members. This has allowed us to become an international company with a good reputation and appropriate attitude. And now about everything in turn

This is not taught in institutes

One of the main problems for all companies implementing Bitrix24 is the limited Phone Number List choice of specialists in this technology. When we first started development on Bitrix, and later on . we managed to find only a few people who understood our request. But this was enough for the very first stage of training the team members. From which the takeoff of our company began.  the capacities of itself are banally insufficient. It is a good thing that the necessary. Basics and JS are still received in universities, which means that it is possible to look for promising programmers

We invest in our own future

Over the years, we at the company have become convinced. That the best way to provide ourselves with qualified KOB Directory personnel is their own training. Fortunately, this is facilitated by a unique long-term experience and, of course, a warm and friendly team. You will not find unhealthy  competition, petty meanness or quarrels with us. But this is already a lyric, and as for the topic, there is a mentoring system in Aviv, when every “new recruit don’t have to stand on the doorstep and we are constantly. Working on mass recruitment of new personnel. Therefore, there is an employee training center at Aviva, the task of which includes the continuous search and training of new team members.

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