The Transition To Automate Systems

How to improve the recruitment process? What else do HR nee to know about 2018? Expert opinion Vladimir Kurilo Vladimir Kurilo, CEO of CleverStaff. Recruiting Software Expert What trends in domestic recruiting will be relevant in 2018? will continue. Most companies, if not using them, are intereste in them. Growth in demand for recruiting services and, accordingly, for recruiters. More courses will appear, wages will rise. There will still be a trend towards the closure of many standard recruiting agencies that work without exclusivity.

The Reputation Of Agencies Among

Applicants is not improving. The emergence of more recruiters working on foreign vacancies and international conferences, such as IHRC, TruKyiv. “In the CIS countries, the digital tools market is growing by 30-40% per year” How actively are Buy Bulk SMS Service digital tools being introduce into the domestic HR sector? In develope countries, the market is growing at 10% per year. In the CIS countries, it is 3-4 times faster, since our market is young, less develope. Every year, new digital tools appear that are trying to find their buyer.

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It Recruiters Are More Active

Than others are switching to professional recruiting software. Recruiting companies are more active than others in implementing digital tools, because effective recruiting is a critical part of their business. Anastasia Zheludkova Anastasia Zheludkova, HRD Braininglab, HR consultant Do domestic companies understand the nee to build an HR brand? Or is it more KOB Directory the lot of IT companies and large corporations. An HR brand is not a fashion trend, but a cost-effective investment. At the moment, the human resource remains one of the most demande in any field and business, despite the active development of information technology and robotization of business processes.

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