The Trend Is Undoubtely Positive

If these conditions are met, the main recruitment problems can be solve by the end of 2018. Ineffective, long, expensive. Why is the world opting for video interviews? 19.01 2018 18% of companies in the world are planning to switch to the video interview format this year. But one question why hasn’t the rest made such a decision yet? But let it remain on their conscience. We are going to clear ours right now and tell you why video interviews are a useful trend by the way.

The Finassessment Service Acquire

This feature a long time ago . And why this format helps companies save time and money. free master class We recommend watching a free master class Talents. Instructions for use, or How to find and use talents to the fullest base on strengths Industry Email List coaching StrengthsFinder GALLUP Numbers Only Why Video Interviewing Is Profitable Building a successful business starts with the recruitment process. For companies with limite resources but eager to grow, a good team is key.

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However Employees Often Leave A New Place

Of work barely accustome. After that, organizations have no choice but to calculate the losses incurre. In 2015, a Harvard study found that 80% of employee turnover is due to errors in the hiring process. In Russia, using traditional methods of finding KOB Directory employees, a vacancy closes on average in 6 weeks and costs the company about 10,000 rubles. In the US, employers lose more than $50,000 every year due to inefficient recruiting. Is it possible to reuce these costs.

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