They Are Use To Improve The Quality Of Training

Now such managers have a standard that prescribes what competencies a specialist. Who calls himself a qualifie chief accountant should have. In the Russian Feeration, CSCs act as a kind of instrument for regulating and legitimizing professional qualifications. And fulfillment of the duties of employees in the field of economics and finance. Also, specialists who have a certificate of a professional accountant from the IPA of Russia undergo a qualification assessment. “In countries where the standards of the profession are not elaborate or prescribe for strict use. Individuals or entire companies may use such centers for their own benefit.

The First Can Use The Results

The second – to test the competencies of a candidate for the position. Of an accountant, auditor, or staff development. Qualification assessment centers for auditors, accountants and other specialists in the financial. And economic sphere contribute to the creation of a transparent Armenia Email Lists qualification assessment proceure that guarantees confirmation of the specialist’s competencies to the specifie requirements and standards. Functions of assessment centers The functions of the CSC are designe to perform providing specialists with information about the algorithm and rules for passing an independent assessment performing assessments in accordance with the rules and regulations.

Of The Assessment For Career Development

Of professional organizations and standards processing and provision of data on the results of qualification assessment and their transfer to professional organizations for further use issuance of certificates of professional qualification to applicants in case of successful passing the exam. Other proficiency KOB Directory assessment organizations are designe to help professionals confirm competencies, and employers to ascertain the professionalism of the applicant or the ability of staff to perform work in a particular area.

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