They Are Divide Into Three Groups

The student enters the proctoring system via the Internet. 2. Passes verification shows an identity document to the webcam. 3. The proctor visually checks the photo of the document with the student’s face and, if everything is in order, allows him to take the test/exam. 4. The test-taker gives the proctor access to his computer screen. 5. The proctor observes the student throughout the exam, monitors his behavior in front of the camera and work on assignments.

There Are Also Automatic Systems

That recognize the student’s keyboard handwriting keystroke spee and intervals between them, mouse hold time, use of key functions, as well as the frequency of typing errors . 5.Only a person can be a proctor? Now there are several types Australia WhatsApp Number List of proctoring technology. Now there are several types of proctoring technology Some organizations have trie to implement the idea of ​​proctoring using the Skype messenger, but in it it is impossible to simultaneously control the screen of the test-taker and track his behavior. 

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What Is The Benefit Of Proctoring

For the work of HR managers and recruiters? Proctoring acts as a kind of quality assurance. Online tests are an excellent tool for assessing the knowlege and skills of staff and applicants, but there is no guarantee that they were passe by the KOB Directory exact applicant who came to the interview. At any stage of working with applicants, an HR manager or recruiter may ask them to take tests using proctoring.

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