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We also see great potential in automating adaptive learning for the next career step, gamifying assessment and learning, and increasing employee engagement in these processes. I am sure that in Russian realities, young companies can easily skip the stage of annual assessments and bureaucracy, moving to a flexible performance management format, and more conservative companies will follow them. Learning transformation A bright trend is that “heavy” LMS platforms.

Learning Management Systems

Of large players are losing to startups. New solutions in online learning abandon the very term LMS, and instead offer Learning Experience learning experience . can learn interactively, communicate, search for useful knowlege, share experience Belize WhatsApp Number List work face-to-face with an online tutor. And in the end – here and now to receive relevant information, base on their business objectives and development plan. With the advent of a new generation that has grown up on video games and wearing 3D glasses.

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Learning Management Systems

A new essence in eucation is born before our eyes – eutainment. The manifesto of which is interesting, simple, fast and just in time just in time . Learning transformation Already, fewer companies are using traditional long online courses, moving to KOB Directory video format and short lessons of 3-5 minutes. Virtual reality allows you to be in a specific situation and learn in practice. For example, you put on VR glasses and become a sales assistant in a store, communicate with different customers, practicing the art of negotiation.

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